Berkeley School was founded in 2002 envisioned to serve as an instrument towards nation building to help in addressing the needs of the country. By 2004, 2005, and 2008 Berkeley School’s preschool, elementary,and high school levels were granted Government Recognition by the Department of Education based on the strength of its curriculum that is focused on developing the multiple intelligences of students.

Our aim is to foster each child's passion for learning towards the improvement of the quality of life for all.

The Preschool
The preschool level is for children with ages between 3 to 6 years old. Its program emphasizes on experiential learning and values formation across the critical subjects of reading, language, science, and mathematics.

The Grade School
With a contemporary, value-oriented, and multiple intelligences based curriculum, the grade school endeavors to strengthen the mastered academic skills of students, carefully complemented by current and progressive knowledge.

The High School
Aside from becoming a laboratory where natural talents and intelligences are honed, the high school trains students to have basic research skills, possess leadership integrity, and be service-oriented.

Overall, Berkeley School allows the student to be always involved in the learning process... eventually becoming a critical thinker, socially sensitive, self-directed, creative, responsible, and caring individual.

Guidance and Counseling Office
The guidance and counseling office is equipped with the latest standardized testing materials on mental ability, achievement, career choice, personality, and school readiness. Guidance and counseling services are rendered to students to assist them in securing the knowledge and skills needed in making adequate choices, plans, and interpretations necessary in making adjustments in personal, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and academic areas.